Blog writing service [Your PRE Purchase Guide]

Choosing the right blog writing service is often challenging. And, it’s a big investment to make. 

So, you should be well informed about what to consider when going with a blog writing service. 

This article is your PRE Purchase Guide. 

Your guide to choosing a blog writing service

What is a blog writing service? 

A blog writing service will provide a website with blog posts that will build the content. More content on the site better helps the visitors. 

Visitors see you as a more credible source. 

Because no sketchy or spam business will take the effort to provide so much content. 

What is a SEO content writing service?

SEO [Search Engine Optimization] content writing services provide a website with content that is tailored towards increasing the website’s domain and page authority. 

The content will increase your rank in the search results [SERPs], and in turn, will bring you more organic traffic. 

Why do bloggers get paid?

Bloggers get paid for writing the content for your website, so you don’t have to do it yourself. 

The blog writing process [Including SEO] requires experience, as well as the discipline to be able to write consistently. 

You can learn how to write a blog and search engine optimize it, but it’ll take a few months to learn the basics for ranking articles. 

Not to mention the patience [SEO takes time to get results]. 

So, most businesses prefer outsourcing content writing and SEO. 

That’s where bloggers come into play and get paid to do it for these businesses.

How do blog writers get paid?

Blog writers get paid based on the number of posts they write or on an hourly basis. 

Blog writing service [The different types]

There are 4 types of blog writing services that differ based on how much control you want over your writers. 

How much control you want depends on how much time you have to focus on your blog. 

If you have no time, going with an agency is the choice. 

They’ll do everything for you, while you can focus on the aspects of your business. 

Whereas, if you’re tight on the budget but still want someone else writing the content for you, the following services will be a great option.

Freelance writer

Freelance writers can be found on all freelance platforms. Just go onto one of these platforms, and search for blog writers. 

Search for writers with good reviews, and try them out. 

You may not get your ideal freelance writer on your first try, but that’s a risk with any freelance worker. 

Here are the platforms where you can find freelance blog writers:

High quality freelance writers

Quality is an aspect you need to be aware of when dealing with freelance writers. 

Determining the quality of writing a freelance has to offer through their reviews is good, but reviews can be deceiving. Good news. 

There are platforms that test out their writers and rank them accordingly. 

Or they have a quality threshold that writers need to be above to be allowed on the platform. 

So, the quality of the results you get is guaranteed better compared to finding a freelancer. 

Here is the platforms that provide you with exceptional blog writers:

On the side. There is a platform called ConstantContent. They provide already written content to you. 

You can simply take the authorship rights from the writer when you purchase it. 

This is for times when you’re about to hit a publishing deadline and need something immediately.

Monthly managed blog writing service

On-demand content writing services are platforms where you simply make an order for content. 

All you do is put in some parameters, like

  • Content type [Blog post, whitepaper, newsletter]
  • Content length [500, 1000, 1500 words, etc]
  • SEO [To what extent]

These platforms have their own team of writers. 

So, you don’t have to deal with the writers themselves, and you just get the end result. 

Of course, you are allowed revisions if the result is not to your liking. 

Monthly managed blog writing services take all the work from your hands and directly deliver the end result. 

All you do is pay for the service, and they do the rest. 

Most businesses prefer this because blog writing and SEO aren’t the average business’s forte. 

Content writing agencies

Content writing agencies provide a full service of taking on your blog and doing everything for you. 

Of course, they price accordingly as well. 

Copyblogger is a veteran copywriting agency that has been in the blog writing industry since 2006. 

Another great agency is WebFX

Who is offering the best blog writing service? [Top 6]

The following 5 blog writing services are the best, based on reviews. This data was obtained from G2.

  1. WebFX
  2. Brandlume
  3. Infront Webworks
  4. Pusser Digital
  5. SmartSites
  6. Content writers

Here is a table displaying the number of reviews and their rating

Blog writing serviceRating [Out of 5]Rating based on # of reviews
Infront Webworks5.09
Pusser Digital4.812
Content Writers4.651

How much does a blog writing service cost?

Blog writing services cost differently from service to service. 

But, here are estimated averages that give you a decent idea of what your budget can afford.

How much does a 500 word blog cost?

A 500 word blog post can cost between $25 to $750 [Beginner to expert level quality]

How much does a 1000 word blog cost?

A 1000 word blog post can cost between $50 to $1500 [Beginner to expert level quality]

How much does a 1500 word blog cost?

A 1500 word blog post can cost between $75 to $2250 [Beginner to expert level quality]

How much does a 300 word article cost?

A 300 word blog can cost between $15 to $450 [Beginner to expert level quality]

How much does a freelance blog writer/ content writer charge per hour?

A blog writer/ content writer can charge between $0.05 [5 cents] per word up to $1.50 per word.

It depends on the type of content, the expertise of the writer, and the website/ blog the content is being written for.

Elements of a blog writing service to check out

[This section is focused on working with blog writing agencies and platforms, not freelance writers.]

The following are elements you should take note of when checking out any blog writing services. 

Having this checklist can ensure you don’t make the wrong choice when choosing a blog writing service.

How many words per blog post?

The service should always provide you with the blog post length they’ll give you. Which is the number of words the blog post will have. 

Keep in mind, the ideal blog post length is 1350 – 1500 words

Having this length or more gives the best results in the SERPs [Longer posts mean more in-depth content, not more bluff]. 

Most services will offer different plans that’ll vary based on the blog post length. 

How many posts per month?

You will also see services that offer a subscription-based model, where they offer a certain number of posts a month. 

Or, some services will allow you to order multiple blog posts in bulk for a month. 

But, you should aim for at least 2+ blog posts per week [Or 8 + blog posts a month] to see any difference in your rank on the SERPs. 

Once a week is too less. 

The websites that dominate the top spots often write 2+ posts a week. 

And the best performing blogs are publishing over 4 pieces of content a week. 

So, when choosing a service, take note of how many blog posts a month you’ll get.

The writer’s level of expertise 

Most services won’t actually give you detail on the writer’s level of expertise. 

Instead, they’ll just throw words like “Pro level writers” or “Expert writers”. 

Or, they’ll let you choose the quality of the writing [“Standard”, “Advanced”, etc]. 

But, this doesn’t actually tell you much about the writer’s capabilities. 

What you want to check out is the writer’s portfolio. And if possible, you want to find out successful results the writer has had in the past. 

Another metric you could check out is the reviews. As well, as find out whether the writers are industry specific writers or not. 

Because industry specific writers will be experts in their niche, whereas general writers won’t be. 

Unfortunately, most agencies won’t provide you with this level of detail about their writers. Most agencies will offer samples of the work they provide. 

So, try finding as much as possible about the writers who will be writing your blog posts. 

Location of the writer

The location of the writer also matters. Some agencies often hire writers from abroad [because it’s cheaper]. 

And cheap writers don’t always provide good results. 

And that could result in a dip in quality. 

Some agencies might show you great samples, but then when you work with them, you’ll realize a reduction in content quality. 

You want to work with writers based in North America. 

Another thing to mention is that if writers are not from a similar timezone to you, their working times will differ.

Imagine a time when your writer gives you a blog post, and you want a revision. But, they don’t reply to you till the next day. 

That can get annoying. So, find out where the writers are located.

Costs of the blog writing service

Different services will have different business models and charge you differently. Here are the different ways they’ll charge you:

  • For a set number of words [For eg: $40 for 300 words]
  • For adding visuals [For eg: $12 per visual]
  • For SEO optimizing [For eg: $25 per blog post]
  • A monthly subscription fee for providing you with your own assigned content manager
  • For revisions [For eg: for a blog post 2 revisions are free, & $5 for every extra revision]
  • For faster delivery times [For eg: their average delivery time is 3 days, but they charge $25 for 1 day delivery]

And almost all agencies will provide you with a discounted cost for working with them on a monthly or yearly basis.

Money back guarantee [Important]

SEO and content writing is a difficult business because results take time [on average, you’ll see results after 6 months]. 

So, you have to work with them for 6 months before you can actually assess whether they do a good job. 

This is the case if you go with a fully automated service whether they handle the entire process for you. 

In such a case, they’ll most often not provide a money back guarantee. Simply, because SEO results cannot be guaranteed. 

But, almost all businesses see results from blog writing services. 

And, if you do your own research on blogging, you’ll be able to tell the SEO quality of their blog posts within a month. 

And you can decide then, whether you want to continue. 

Since there is no money back guarantee, it’s important you consistently monitor the work and results. 

But, 6 months should be your aim. 

If you see a difference in your organic traffic within 6 months, they’re providing a good service. If not, start looking for other services. 

However, if you’re thinking about getting a certain blog post revised, or changed, they’ll do that for you. 

Or if you want to simply delete it, they’ll give you a refund for that blog post. 

Control over writing management

As mentioned above, you want to make sure you still have control over managing the writing. 

You should have the control to ask for revisions or any changes in the workflow. 

Sometimes, an agency will start writing content, but the direction the content is going towards might not be to your liking. 

So, you should speak about it with them. Almost all agencies will give you full rights to question them. 

They know what they’re doing, better than you.

But, if you have questions about something, they should provide you with all the answers. 

Because, at the end of the day, you’re the client. 

And you need to be satisfied and at ease. 

If they don’t provide proper answers or spend time discussing the content workflow weekly/ biweekly, you need to make sure they do. 

And if they still don’t, start looking for other services. 

Do they write original content

Most writers just take existing content on the web and rewrite it. And, it’s hard to tell whether that is the case. 

But, you want to clarify how they create their content and what their method is for doing so. Google wants original and unique content

Or else, those blog posts won’t rank. The writers should be doing research online to gather pieces of data. 

Then they should determine the frequent questions users ask, as well as search intent. And create content according to that. 

Then, there should be a strong internal linking web between all the posts. 

And all the content should be on a single topic [To build topical authority. An important ranking factor]. 

If they don’t bring these things up when you talk to them, they don’t know what they’re doing.

Do they provide visuals

Your blog posts need visuals. Clarify with them the type of visuals they’ll use. 

Most will just use stock photos here and there. 

But, you want high quality visuals. 

This means you want them to create custom graphics and visuals that further improve the content quality. 

However, they’ll charge you additionally for doing so [You can always do this yourself, or hire someone separately for cheaper]. 

Plus, make sure they provide a featured image for every blog post.

Do they SEO optimize the article

Blog writing services will do one of the following:

  • Provide SEO as part of the blog post package
  • Won’t provide SEO as part of the blog post package
  • Will charge separately for it 

Sometimes, it might not be clarified. So, you should chat with their customer support to make sure. 

Because, without SEO, the whole point of having a blog goes away. 

Plus, ask them what steps they take exactly to optimize a blog post. Here are a few things you want them to be doing:

  • Keyword focused [The article should have a single or a couple of keywords being used throughout the article]
  • Adding in proper heading structure [Having H1’s, H2’s, H3’s; They should have the focus keyword]
  • Have internal and external links [Should link to sources that are relevant to the topic of the article]
  • Visuals
  • Title & meta description [Should have the keywords]
  • An FAQ [Where they answer questions related to the topic, that aren’t too popular to have its own section in the blog post]

Do they use SEO & writing tools [Ahrefs, Surfer, Grammarly]

Usually, a blog writing service won’t tell you whether they use SEO and writing tools. But, it’s something you can ask them to find out. 

A good agency will use some of the following tools

Do they use AI tools

Some writing agencies may use AI tools. And you want to find out whether they do. 

It’s best to stay away from services that implement AI tools. 

Because AI-generated content is low quality, Google constantly updates its algorithm to better understand where AI content is used [to penalizes them accordingly]. 

To better understand what Google wants in content, check out Google’s guidelines on the matter, so you can build a high quality site.

Is blog writing good for SEO? Do Blogs Help SEO 2022?

Do blog writing services offer SEO?

Yes, blog writing services offer SEO. In fact, almost every blog writing service will offer it because SEO is the purpose of having a blog in the first place. Doing SEO on your blog makes your website rank better on Google, providing the business with more organic traffic. 

How much does SEO copywriting cost?

SEO copywriting can cost you between $15 to $2250 per post. The cost will depend on the writing and SEO quality, as well as the niche the content is in.

How many blog posts do I need for SEO?

SEO is a long-term game, and Google generally starts giving you results for your SEO after writing 50 – 70 blog posts. So, it’s a good idea to reach that mark asap. But, keep quality and SEO in mind when writing.

What to look for when hiring a blog writer

Blog writing service reviews

The first thing to look at is the number of businesses the writer is working for. 

This can be done by checking out the number of reviews they have. 

Review quality

Next, check out each review, and see what their clients have to say. 

Consider who wrote the review, and if possible, reach out to them on Linkedin. 

Try getting further advice on the writer from them. 

The companies that wrote the review

Next, check out the companies that wrote the review for them. 

See if their name is present in the articles during the time range of when the writer worked for them [You may not see the writer’s name if he was a ghost writer]. 

And, check out the quality of their work.

Get on a video call with them

If you find everything to be good about the writer using the above points, then get on a video call with them. 

Notice whether they put their video on. 

Any freelancer or writer should take the effort to at least show their face to the client. 

But, you need to show your face as well, or they won’t feel the need to either. 

Though, their putting their video on isn’t the important part. 

Rather, you want to get to know their personality and determine how easy it’ll be to work with them. 

Remember, when working with a writer, you will encounter times when you have to keep nagging them for changes. 

And if the writer is impatient or not friendly, it’ll be hard to work with them. It’s similar to interviewing an employee. 


Can I pay someone to write a blog about me?

Yes, you can pay a freelance writer or a blog writing agency to write a blog about you. As long as you have the budget [It can cost $15 to $2500 for one blog post].

Are SEO and content writing services the same?

SEO and content writing services are the same. Both provide a business with blog posts that are search engine optimized to rank on Google. Which, will result in more organic traffic to the business. 

What can blog writing services write about?

Blog writing services can write about anything as long as you provide them with a topic to write on. They do their research on the topic through other pieces of content online, whether it be blog posts, scholarly articles, or case studies. They gather the information and can write about it.

Do blog writers offer revisions?

Yes, almost all blog writers will offer revisions to the blog posts. The blog writer will usually specify the number of revisions they will allow per blog post. They can provide 1, 2, and up to infinite revisions.