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Born in Singapore, lived in India, and the USA, and am now a Canadian citizen. I’m working towards my bachelor’s in mechanical engineering. From the beginning, with an entrepreneurial mindset, I’ve had the drive to run a business in the engineering industry. However, successfully running a business in the engineering field requires quite a wealth.

As you guessed, I still have ways to go to reach such wealth. To reach this point, I’ve been advised consistently by friends and family to work hard in school, do extracurriculars, build a network, and ultimately land a high-paying engineering position.

My Thought Process

The problem is, that a job on its own won’t provide me with the substantial amount of wealth I’m aiming for. As a result, I started looking into the business industry. I was on youtube and suddenly came across a drop shipping video that talked about Ecommerce. That piqued my interest the same way it did for all teens.

DropShipping, FBA, POD…

However, when most people were trying to attempt dropshipping, print on demand, or Amazon FBA, I did not. I rather started to learn more about online businesses, and that slowly led me to the marketing field. I continued learning for over 4 years whenever I had the time (during my high school and university years).

Slowly Learning More & More

I was studying all the bits and pieces, all the ins and outs, everything there was to know. There were several businesses I could’ve attempted to start in the online field, but I did not. I realized that there was a boatload of information available online, and it would take someone a long time to sift through the information they needed.

Putting My Knowledge to Use

Therefore, instead of starting a direct B2C business, I felt better creating a detailed source of information for all those with a similar mindset to me, and who want to acquire a business that provides them with great wealth. I realized that I’ve gained quite an amount of information and this could help several others on their journeys.

Beginning Of EBIZLR

I did want to start a business, but I decided that my business will not only make me wealthy, but it will provide others with the value of knowledge. This was the beginning of EBizlr. 

Thinking Of The Bigger Picture

Starting businesses is important because job demand increases when job supply decreases. While working towards my bachelor’s, a problem was brought to my attention during job hunts. The problem was the job supply vs job demand. There were just not enough jobs for the number of people that are looking for one. Of course, there are countless jobs out there, but everyone looks for jobs in specific fields, and they just aren’t enough.

There’s a reason why the USA and Canadian governments provide tax benefits to companies with 500+ employees. Such companies are substantially decreasing the unemployment rate. If we were to dig to the root of this problem, we’d find that there just aren’t that many businesses out there that can provide employment.

Businesses & Jobs

Simply put, most people prefer doing a job instead of running a business because it’s a safer and less risky way to have a good decent future. The reason people are scared of doing business is that the success rate in the business world is minimal. Very few businesses hit a point of success. This is because people haven’t learned how to do business the right way.

Crippling Mindsets

Additionally, the education field has been training every student to be a good employee. They have never taught students about money, taxes, or anything about finance (However, changes are being put into place). Moreover, when people try doing business, they look for quick ways to make money and try business to earn money right away. This is because when doing business, they’re committing time, effort, and money towards an unusual choice (the usual choice is getting a job).

Therefore, they’re scared of failing to meet the expectations of their friends and family. With this mentality, even the smallest hit can make them shut their business down and return to the safety of a job. Some of these problems, I can’t change with the resources I have. However, the problem of people trying to earn quickly through businesses is something I can bring a change to. This is the meaning of EBizlr’s existence.


EBIZLR stands for “EBIZ (Online Business) for the Long Run”. EBizlr shows people what a proper business should be like and teaches them to create a business for the long run. A business that provides you revenue for your entire life. A business that brings real value to its customers. A business that understands the needs of its customer. A business that people feel proud to be a customer of. EBizlr explains that it takes time for a business to prosper but when it does, you’ll be graced by financial freedom. 

Overnight Success

Many influencers online show different methods of making an income online. The problem is, that we only see the results they get and possibly some of the efforts they’ve put in. However, have you thought about how many times they may have failed to do that business before they hit a point of success and then recorded that to show it to you?

We only see the one time they were successful doing that business and don’t see the countless times they may have failed. This gives people the false assumption that it only takes one try to hit the point of success. So, when people go ahead and give it a shot and fail even once, they give up. Another problem is the business model itself.

Different business models have different rates of success and require different resources. Being successful requires you to be well-informed and educated. The purpose of EBizlr is to educate people on how to run a successful long-term business. The more people that understand how business works, the more businesses will enter the world, and the higher the employment rate. It’ll be a win-win situation for everyone. 

The Business & Job Paradox

Many people ask the question,” Well, if everyone decides to do a business, then who will do all the jobs?”

The answer is quite simple, this situation will never occur. Both businesses and jobs require people with great resolve, persistence, and patience. However, some will prefer doing business for the sake of financial freedom and great wealth, and some will prefer doing a job for the sake of a simple, safe, and risk-free life.

Moreover, big businesses require a workforce to make things happen. Without a workforce, a business would fall. To balance this paradox, there will always be people doing business and jobs. Once again, businesses require people for scaling, and jobs require businesses. Businesses and jobs go hand in hand.

However, in society today, there’s a surplus of people looking for a job compared to those starting a business. When I say business, I mean big-time businesses. The reason is that only big businesses that have scaled to some extent can provide jobs. Those are also the same businesses that will last for the long run and be profitable.  

Implementing Long Term Thinking

Therefore, it’s important for us, including me, to learn about how to run a profitable and scalable business that is built for the long run. Small-time businesses will only provide profit short term if any at all. As mentioned above, people don’t realize the difference between a short-term and long-term business mindset and start off on the wrong foot. This is why EBizlr exists to ensure new minds are well informed and educated about the business industry

The more I blog, the more I’ll learn, and the more value I provide to you. Let’s do online business for the long run. EBIZ for the Long Run.

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