306 Blog niche ideas: How to choose a niche for your blog in 2023

Blog niche ideas

If you’re looking into what a blog niche is and which to choose, you already know what blogging is all about. 

But, there’s a lot to consider when choosing a blog niche. Your entire website will be on the niche you select. Of course, you can expand out of your niche eventually. 

But for the next 5 years, you’ll be writing blog posts and creating multimedia content on your selected niche. 

Blog niche ideas

Blog Niche Guide for 2023

Before you choose to go with the niche you’re so passionate about, it’d be wise to consider what’s at stake. 

In this article, we’ll cover 306 blog niche ideas you can select from, plus the 6 metrics to determine whether the niche you chose is a good choice. Keep reading.

How to choose a blog niche [6 Metrics]

First, consider subniches and micro niches to write about for each. I call this The Blog Niche Military Drill Test.

1. The Blog Niche Military Drill Test

The hard part of finding a blog niche isn’t actually to find a topic, but to find a topic that’s not too big or too small. 

Here’s a great way to test whether your blog niche is the right size and whether you’re up for the task of blogging in that niche.

  1. Create an excel sheet, and write down 30 blog post ideas in that niche that you could write on. 
    • If you find it difficult to come up with 30 ideas, it’s too small of a blog niche to enter.
    • If you can come up with 30 – 50 ideas, it’s a great niche to start in. 
    • But if you come up with 50+ ideas, and realize you could still keep pumping out more ideas, It means you need to niche down and start with a more minor topic, a subtopic. [You can always niche out, or expand your topic once you cover the subtopic]
  1. Write 7 – 9 blog posts for that niche
    • If you didn’t find it too hard to write 7 – 9 blog posts, then you’ll be fine writing in that niche.
    • Else, stay away from the niche!

The test considers the difficulty of finding information, keywords, and other metrics that you won’t realize unless you write a blog post.

It also tells you, as the writer, the difficulty of writing blog posts that no one will read for a long time [No instant reward, which will mentally suck].

If you succeed at both tests, as well as considering the points mentioned at the start of this article, that niche is good for you. The next metric is how saturated it is, and I’ve also created decent situation guidelines for you.

2. Saturation Guidelines

Next, take a query with a low monthly search volume of 10–100 [using keyword planner] from a micro niche and check the DA [domain authority] of the blog ranking for it. These guidelines will approximate how saturated a niche is

Saturation GuidelinesLevel of saturation for the niche
If 8/10 search results have DA 70+ Highly saturated 
If 7/10 search results have DA 70-Saturated 
If 7/10 search results have DA 50-Decently saturated 
If 7/10 search results have DA 40-Slightly saturated 
If forums like Quora and Reddit are in the search resultsEasy to rank for that query [Using topical authority]
If the results aren’t a direct answer or response to the query [if they’re ambiguous and weren’t written specifically for that query], Or if they don’t target the direct search intent behind the queryEasy to rank for that query

Replicate the following process for the specific subniche/ micro niche you want to go into

  1. Decide on a few subniches you want to enter [From our extensive list]
  2. Find several low search volume keywords [Using Google keyword planner and Google search]. See our keyword research guide to learn more.
  3. Install the FREE Keywords Everywhere plugin to check out the DAs of the search results and use the guidelines above to determine the saturation of the niche.
Keywords everywhere tool in use to find domain authority.

4 MORE Metrics to look into for each niche

  1. The top blogs that dominate that niche [The top blogs will be the ones you see coming up again and again when searching different queries in that niche]
  2. Whether the niche is evergreen [Using Google Trends]
  3. Is it popular [Using search volume from Google keyword planner]
  4. Is it profitable [Find out the blog monetization methods used by top blogs]

Create a new Google Docs or Word Docs because this is a long list, so if you find certain ideas interesting, copy and paste them into your docs to further look into them later. Let’s get into it.

306 blog niche ideas

Here are 306 blog niche ideas that include broader niches along with clusters of subniches and micro niches within those broad niches that will pique your interest.

1. Social media management

You could write about developing successful social media strategies, understanding analytics, learning the fundamentals of Facebook advertising, providing content for various networks, and company growth methods in the Social Media Management blog topic.

2. Teaching music

Talk about successful teaching methods, adapting your lesson to various instruments and ability levels, overcoming typical student obstacles, contemporary learning aids, and ways for engaging learners.

3. Making Vegan Food

‘Making vegan food’ involves vegan food regulations, developing vegan restaurant menus, finding unique vegan ingredients, the health advantages of veganism, developing vegan meals for special occasions, and providing vegan recipes for different lifestyles.

4. AI Trends

In AI trends, you could write on the idea of automation, developments in machine learning, the effects of AI on the workplace, the moral standards of AI, improving customer relationships with AI, and the rise of voice search technology.

5. Aviation History

Talk about important aviation milestones, widespread myths and misconceptions, the legacy of the Wright brothers, the lessons learned from major aviation tragedies, the experiences of aviation pioneers, and the effect of aviation on wartime.

6. Crypto Currency Trading

You could write about blockchain technology, the distinction between trading and investing, the many crypto exchanges, various trading techniques, and the use of analytical tools to enhance trading choices.

7. Paintings Tutorials

You could discuss the principles of painting, difficulties with various materials, organizational strategies, developing a narrative with the components on the canvas, various painting styles, and important art supplies for your collection.

8. Domestic Travel Guides

On the topic of a domestic travel guide, you could write on planning for excursions, packing the appropriate gear, making a budget, selecting an interesting Airbnb, picking off the beaten path locations, learning about other cultures, and writing about food and entertainment alternatives.

9. Alternative Medicine

You can discuss the advantages of aromatherapy, conventional Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, the usage of homeopathic treatments, the human energy field, meditation and mindfulness, and the efficacy of positive thinking in the Alternative Medicine blog idea.

10. Photoblogging

You could explore the aspects of composition, characteristics of various camera equipment, editing and post production advice, best practices for evaluating the surroundings and topics, and necessary photographic tools in the photo blogging blog niche idea.

11. Advertising Strategies

You can write about gauging the success of an advertising campaign, understanding consumer psychology, crafting a messaging strategy, investigating various ad channels, trying out various creatives, utilizing social media tools, and using influencers for marketing.

12. Essay Editing

For essay editing, you can discuss the craft of editing, how to overcome writer’s block, how to understand the fundamentals of storytelling, how to effectively conduct research on various subjects, how to navigate through various referencing styles, the fundamentals of grammar rules, and the significance of reviews.

13. Ethical Clothing

You can write about the significance of fair trade practises understanding labour laws, investigating cruelty free clothing materials, local vs. global supply chains, methods for sustainable production, one of a kind upcycling techniques, and the shift towards eco friendly clothing.

14. Investing Tools

Write about developing a defence strategy for investing, the value of diversification, understanding crucial figures and indicators, utilizing various web tools, reading stock market news, and risk management in the blog topic of investment tools.

15. Pet Grooming

You could write on how to keep pets healthy, proper pet foods and nutrition, how to check for medical disorders, grooming products, how to train dogs to be groomed, and methods for dealing with pet anxiety issues.

16. Web Development

Web development involves building a website from scratch, implementing HTTPS, web development technologies, website structure and organization, APIs, building web applications, debugging, caching technology, performance optimization, and fundamental HTML and CSS.

17. Audio Recording

You could discuss setting up latency, using DAWs, audio processing, microphone choice, studio acoustics, pre production, multitrack recording, synchronizing audio and video, recording environments, and acoustic instruments.

18. Personal Branding

Discuss subjects like developing a brand story, making digital assets, setting up a personal website, learning about trends and establishing a digital presence, collaborating with influencers and marketing experts, cultivating meaningful relationships, producing content, and developing a digital market strategy.

19. Stress Relief

You can write about topics like physical activities to reduce stress, practising mindfulness, using therapy resources, sleep schedules, breathing exercises, developing self care routines, relaxation techniques, taking routine vacations, and figuring out where your stress comes from.

20. Minimalism

In the blog niche of minimalism, write about organizing digital archives and other technology, focusing on experiences rather than material possessions, sustainable frugality, reducing environmental waste, sustainability and living with less, and living a more organized and efficient lifestyle.

21. Indoor Gardening

Blog topics in indoor gardening include container gardening, learning about plants and design concepts, indoor soil types, water drainage, air ventilation, LED lighting, hydroponics, soil supplements, enhancing insect management, and indoor herb and vegetable gardens.

22. Sports Nutrition

For sports nutrition, you could write about meal plans for athletes, diets that are matched to certain sports, the timing of nutrient intake and macronutrient ratios, enhancing performance, hydration, supplements, and multivitamins, as well as keeping costs down, in the niche of sports nutrition blogs.

23. Non Toxic Beauty

Non toxic beauty is a great blog niche idea to discuss subjects like safe and natural DIY cosmetics, how to produce skincare products, reading labels and understanding substances, natural versus synthetic goods, sustainability and zero waste products, and selecting the best products for your skin type.

24. Vintage Cars

The topic of vintage cars involves topics like how to recognize classic automobiles, advice on restoring them, equipment and materials to use, modifications and upkeep, collecting classic cars, choosing vintage car insurance, and staying current with the classic and antique car scene.

25. SEO Optimization

SEO optimization is a popular blogging niche amongst bloggers [Learn more about blog post SEO] that covers keyword research, setting up Google Analytics and Search Console, AMP and mobile SEO, search engine trends in the domain of SEO optimization for blogs, and a lot more [EBizlr covers this niche :)].

26. Indoor Plant Care

The topic of indoor plant care involves diagnosing issues and locating solutions, proper pruning, buying soil, re-potting, integrating with current home decor, the humidity and temperature requirements for different species, fertilizing plants and establishing a natural cycle, and plant propagation.

27. Permaculture

Permaculture covers knot tying procedures, casting tactics, types of rods and reels, types of hooks, dry fly and wet fly techniques, reading water, understanding entomology and trout entomology, and where to discover the greatest fishing sites.

28. FlyFishing

Write about the fundamentals of flyfishing, how to select a fly rod and reel, the best flies for various fish species, and where to find the best fly fishing locations. You can also write about the best times of year to go fly fishing, the best gear to use, and the best fly-fishing techniques to use. This blogging niche would also cover the best waders to use, the best flyfishing excursions, and the best fly throwing methods.

29. Holistic Healing

You could discuss alternative methods of mental, emotional, and spiritual healing, the advantages of natural cures, diet for health, Ayurveda and its principles, establishing a mindfulness practice, and aromatherapy in the holistic healing blog topic.

30. Engagement Photography

Write about advice on how to take heartfelt engagement photos, engagement photography trends, narrative with pictures, editing hints, and ideas for couples who desire unusual or unorthodox engagement photos in engagement photography.

31. Apparel Design

For the apparel design blog topic, you could discuss recent fashion trends and how to create distinctive looks, how to produce drawings and develop designs, the newest materials and textiles, emerging trends, ideas on structuring outfits, and guidance on building a profitable clothing line.

32. Luxury Travel

You can discuss the top cities for luxury shopping, the top destinations on everyone’s travel bucket list, how to plan a high end vacation, what to pack for a luxury trip, and the advantages of luxury travel.

33. Freelancing

Write about advice on starting a profitable freelancing business, finding customers, understanding various payment arrangements, promoting your business, handling challenging client requests, and striking a balance between work and life as a freelancer in the freelancing blog topic.

34. Celebrity Rumors

You could write about the most recent celebrity rumours, gossip, and news in the Celebrity Rumors blog niche idea. You can also speculate on celebrity breakups, the newest rumoured Hollywood coupling, award show previews, red carpet looks, and celebrity fashion trends.

35. Accessory Design

In accessory design, discuss practical advice on styling accessories, how to match accessories to various outfits, how to make custom accessories, the newest trends in accessory design, new materials and textures, and suggestions on how to launch an accessory making business.

36. Art Collecting

Write about the most recent artworks, where to find original pieces, indications that the art is valuable, tips for beginning an art collection, how to properly preserve art, the distinction between original and digital art, and the preservation and conservation of art.

37. Food Photography

The following topics fall under food photography: How to make food seem delicious in images, the best methods to get the ideal food shot, professional food photography advice, current trends in food style, how to deal with shadowing, and the fundamentals of food photography composition.

38. Mental Health Resources

You could discuss the value of self care, effective stress management techniques, typical mental health problems, the advantages and disadvantages of various forms of therapy, relationship building recommendations, and recognize the early indications of mental illness.

39. Athletic Performance Coaching

In athletic performance coaching, you could discuss training methods, strength and conditioning programmes, athlete nutrition, mental health tactics, injury prevention, and base building for runners.

40. Outdoor Adventures

Start writing about camping advice, backpacking necessities, wilderness survival techniques, evaluations of hiking equipment, trail upkeep, and multiday trip preparation under the outdoor adventures blog topic.

41. Online Education

The most recent developments in online education, the design of effective online courses, the creation of useful handouts and study materials, online test preparation strategies, and the delivery of challenging topics, fall under online education.

42. Social Networking

The social networking topic covers online networking, privacy protection, managing connections through social media, interacting with industry leaders, and utilizing platforms for both personal and professional progress.

43. Home Automation

Answer questions like what are the newest items in smart home technology? Discuss home security systems, automated house maintenance, effective lighting systems, and configuring voice activated assistants. This is all covered under the blog topic of home automation.

44. Music Production

Write about audio recording and mastering, beat and instrumental production, music arrangement, track mixing, and sound library creation.

45. Print Design

Write about composition and layout, produce digital art, learn desktop publishing software, generate logos, and come up with fresh ideas for designing flyers and brochures.

46. Video Game Tutorials

Beginners’ tutorials to the best video games, methods for moving through levels, making your own levels, resolving virtual problems, and discovering vulnerabilities and secrets. These topics can be discussed in the blog topic of video game tutorials.

47. Animation

You could discuss producing 2D cartoons, 3D models, motion graphics, character design, rigging, and animation techniques.

48. Commercial Real Estate

Talk about making profitable investments, creating leasing and purchasing plans, identifying market trends, assessing loan packages, and understanding commercial zoning rules in the commercial real estate blog topic.

49. Cryptocurrency Mining

Cryptocurrency mining was a recent blog topic that became big covering blockchain technology, purchasing and transferring digital currencies, setting up a mining rig, tracking expenses and revenues, and creating wallets.

50. Motorcycle Maintenance

You could write about fundamentals of rider safety, bike inspections and tune ups, the newest motorbike accessories, preventative maintenance, and advice for riders of all experience levels in the motorcycle maintenance blog topic.

51. Home Security

You could write about suggested home security equipment, safety procedures, installing surveillance systems, raising home awareness, and assets protection advice.

52. Barbecue Recipes

Discuss the different smoking methods, making dry rubs, grilling slowly, producing sauces, choosing the best cuts of meat and fish, and advice for making the ideal selection of sides and beverages in the barbecue recipes blog topic.

53. Creative Writing 

Creative writing involves maintaining inspiration and drive, generating credible characters and stories, connecting with readers emotionally, developing writing styles, and moving from one topic to another.

54. Interior Design 

Discuss topics like house staging and decorating, selecting furniture that fits the area, remaining on budget, creating colour palettes, and designing rooms for various occasions.

55. Street Art 

Street art covers the fundamentals of graffiti, sketching methods, mural creation, the use of 3D art and projection, travelling to well known street art hotspots, and understanding the history of the genre.

56. Physical Therapy

Talk on strengthening methods, developing workout schedules, obtaining a physical therapy diagnosis, tracking progress, and applying alternative therapies.

57. Computer Programming

Write on coding best practices, algorithms and data structures, software development procedures, technological developments, and error debugging.

58. Virtual Reality

Virtual reality involves accessing and producing virtual experiences, building 3D environments, locating the finest tools and goods, generating virtual tours, and understanding the consequences of virtual reality applications.

59. Pest Control 

The topic of pest control covers the most efficient pest control methods, safety concerns, DIY advice for dealing with common pests, ways for managing infestations, and other strategies for incorporating pest control into house care.

60. Weightlifting

Discuss topics like the types of weightlifting exercises, good form and technique, nutrition tips for weightlifters, how to make efficient workout programmes, and bodyweight exercises appropriate for beginning lifters.

61. Video Production

The blog niche idea of video production involves camera choice and positioning, lighting setup, budgetary best practices, advice on audio and visual editing, how to use visual effects to improve videos, and other topics related to video production.

62. Art History 

The art history blogging niche includes the following topics: Well known figures in art history, examining artwork in light of its cultural context, explaining influential art movements over time, providing insights into the stylistic diversity of art, and examining historical and modern art criticism.

63. Visual Design

Talk on contrast and colour in design, setting up design spaces, typographic rules, understanding user experience in design, information on font manipulation, and managing layout flow within a page.

64. Hunting

The blog niche idea of hunting is all about hunting safety, the fundamentals of hunting, choosing the correct equipment, hunting etiquette, how to predict when animals will move in an area, how to put up hunting blinds, and how to understand animal behaviour.

65. Kitchen Remodelling

In kitchen remodelling, you can write about ideas for kitchen layouts, the value of kitchen appliances, artistic elements in kitchen design, maximizing space and floor plans, budgeting for remodelling projects, and important materials for countertops.

66. Eco-Friendly Building

You can discuss environmentally friendly building methods, energy-efficient construction methods, the use of sustainable materials, lowering building water consumption, incorporating nature into design layouts, and other issues associated with environmental protection through construction.

67. Natural Pet Care

Write on natural pet care tips, holistic pet care strategies, pet-friendly treatments for common medical illnesses, using pet-safe cleaning supplies, and natural pest control methods.

68. Model Making

Discuss topics like precise cutting methods, understanding the physics of structures, model-making instruments, usage of adhesives, best practices for painting models, weathering and detailing.

69. Freelance Copywriting

Freelance copywriting is a blog niche that involves writing techniques for beginners, research tactics for copywriting, best practices in copyediting, ways to improve your workflow, producing high quality content, and understanding client demands.

70. Luxury Jewellery Design

Talk about the design process for jewellers, choosing the best materials for jewellery, high-end jewellery cost considerations, typical trends in luxury design, custom engraving techniques, considerations when creating pieces for exhibitions, and other issues pertaining to developing one of a kind jewellery designs in the blogging niche of luxury jewellery design.

71. Astrology

In the astrology blogging niche, start writing about well known astrological ideas, understand astrological archetypes, map astrological effects, forecast movement interpretations, and other approaches to understanding astrology’s effects.

72. Automobile Maintenance

You could write about checking the engine oil, how to replace vehicle fluids, changing brakes and tyres, tuning up the car, checking the alignment, and understanding the fundamentals of engine maintenance.

73. Local Foods

You could write about local restaurants and diners that specialize in regional cuisine, organic and sustainable farms, locally produced goods, unusual ingredients produced nearby, and other themes that centre on the local cuisine, food, and culture.

74. Music Therapy 

The blog niche idea of music therapy involves the psychological and physical effects of music therapy, developing soundscapes for wellness, understanding sound healing, and examining the relationship between music and trauma.

75. Crowdfunding Platforms

The crowdfunding blogging niche includes the following topics: Tactics for developing effective campaigns, platforms for product and service based crowdfunding, comprehension of campaign stages, connecting with the right audience, and developing captivating visuals and content.

76. Robotics 

The topic of robotics involves the various forms of robotics hardware, the application of artificial intelligence in robotics, the level of automation, robotics programming languages, and the use of sensors in problem solving situations.

77. Deep Learning

The topic of deep learning is all about supervised and unsupervised learning, convolutional neural networks, supervised and unsupervised training, and natural language processing models.

78. Comic Book Art

You can write about developing story arcs for comic books, understanding the fundamentals of comic book art, design considerations for producing comic art, colouring techniques for comics, and advice for developing distinctive characters.

79. Film Criticism

In film criticism, talk on the methods for evaluating films, theories for deciphering film language, contextual frameworks for the cinema, interpreting cinematic narratives, and examining new trends in cinema.

80. Horse Racing 

Horse racing includes the history of horse racing, examining jockey and horse statistics, fundamentals of handicapping and betting, investigating racing markets, and exploring thoroughbred genetics.

81. Woodworking Projects

Woodworking projects cover topics such as woodworking tools, the fundamentals of joinery, techniques for working with wood, finishing options for wooden surfaces, key characteristics of various kinds of wood, and advice for building wooden furniture.

82. Blockchain 

Write on the main uses of blockchain, safe cryptographic algorithms, decentralized ledgers, the benefits of blockchain technology, and possible commercial use cases.

83. Automobile Repair

The blog niche idea of automobile repair involves the fundamentals of car repairs, knowledge of internal combustion engines, effective troubleshooting methods, diagnostic tools and software, and staying current with software and hardware upgrades for automobiles.

84. Catering Services

You can write about setting catering service budgets, choosing the best location and staff, planning a catering menu, choosing the best ingredients, business etiquette for catering, and the unique considerations and guidance for large events.

85. Business Networking

Discuss the significance of consistently fostering personal and professional relationships, advice for hosting professional events and get-togethers, suggestions for connecting with your network, and helpful resources to assist businesses in networking more successfully.

86. Drone Technology 

Drone technology is a blog topic covering recent developments in drone technology, equipment and supplies for launching a drone business, uses for drone technology, and tactics for managing a profitable drone business.

87. 3D Printing

3D printing is becoming a popular blogging niche where you could write on the numerous kinds of 3D printing, the advantages and disadvantages of various 3D printing materials, strategies for effective 3D printing, and concepts for 3D printing projects for businesses.

89. Internet of Things [IoT]

The IoT blogging niche includes the following topics: The benefits of integrating IoT into corporate operations, tools and products for launching an IoT project, testing and debugging IoT systems, and security precautions for keeping IoT systems private and safe.

90. Retirement Planning

Write about the many retirement alternatives accessible, the significance of setting up a retirement budget and goal, tips and tricks for retirement success, and strategies to optimize retirement finances.

91. Website Design 

The blog topic of website design involves procedures necessary to create a successful website, well-liked web design trends and tools, suggestions for enhancing user experience, and advice for boosting website traffic.

92. Branding Strategies

For the blog niche idea of branding strategies, talk on techniques and resources for successful branding, how to develop a brand identity and message, advice for fostering brand loyalty, and tactics for gauging brand success.

93. Tool Restoration 

You can write about the finest equipment and materials for tool restoration, various types of tool restoration and their distinctive processes, safety considerations for tool restoration, and practical advice for effectively restoring tools.

94. Garden Design

Discuss alternative methods for producing a lovely outdoor area, well liked garden design trends, advice for making a low maintenance garden, and concepts for various garden aspects.

95. Windows System Administration

In the windows system administration blogging niche, start writing about how to pick amongst the many Windows administration systems, techniques for automating Windows tasks, performance enhancing hints and techniques, and solutions to challenging Windows network problems.

96. Podcasting 

Podcasting is all about the fundamentals of podcast production, the best methods for creating a thriving podcast, advice for improving audio quality, and the equipment required for podcast recording.

97. Mental Health Awareness

Mental health awareness is a blog niche discussing various self care methods, strategies for spotting mental health issues early on, advice for seeking and receiving mental health treatment, and guidelines for engaging in fruitful conversations about mental health.

98. Alternative Energy 

You can discuss prospective uses for renewable energy, the likelihood of a future shift to alternative energy, practical advice for cutting down on energy use, and the difficulties associated with the switch to alternative energy.

99. Blogging 

Yes, blogging is also a blogging niche! It covers methods for building an audience and a following, the fundamentals of content creation, advice for search engine optimization, and concepts for monetizing a blog.

100. Motorcycle Restoration

Write about evaluating bike condition, repairing the frame and frame components, lubricating the chain and drive train, changing and repairing tyres, refurbishing disc and drum brakes, understanding the electrical system, maintaining and repairing combustible engines, painting methods, and restoration advice.

101. SciFi Movies 

Talk on the well known film franchises, upcoming SciFi movies, critical reviews and analyses of SciFi movies, crucial elements of storytelling and set design, parallels between SicFi movies and actual events, leading SciFi actors and directors, a comparison between different genres, common SciFi movie tropes, and fan based theories.

102. Health Coaching 

Health coaching is a great blog niche idea to write on the following:

  • Advantages of health coaching
  • How to understand client’s needs and lifestyles
  • How to set relevant goals and objectives
  • How to develop a health plan
  • How to implement the plan
  • How to track progress
  • How to use various communication tools
  • How to work on your own personal development

103. SEO Strategies

You can write about keyword research, content optimization, link building tactics, website optimization, local search optimization, progress tracking and reporting, competitor analysis, technical optimization, utilizing social media for SEO, and writing SEO optimized copy.

104. Car Detailing

Car detailing is a blog topic that involves preparing a car for detailing, washing, cleaning, and polishing the interior, selecting the best cleaners and polishes, waxing, clay barring, buffing, and painting, removing blemishes and scratches, troubleshooting performance and protection issues, and protective coating maintenance.

105. Birdwatching

Are you into birds? Then enter the birdwatching blog topic and start writing about popular bird species, top birdwatching locations, bird identification methods, the value of conservation, birding equipment and accessories, understanding bird behaviour, migrating birds, bird photography techniques, bird calls, and creating comfortable habitats.

106. Gluten-Free Recipes

Do you use gluten-free recipes while cooking? Because you can write about gluten-free baking techniques and ingredients, gluten-free nutrition, switching to a gluten-free diet, and developing a gluten-free lifestyle. You can also write about meal prep tips, basic ingredients for gluten-free cooking, navigating the grocery store and niche stores, and recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks.

107. Video Editing

Have you edited videos before? The video editing niche covers various software and hardware platforms, editing processes, shooting methods, post production methods, an understanding of the audiovisual elements, performance and workflow optimization, keyframing and animation, an understanding of colour corrections, and the use of motion graphics.

108. Cryptography

The cryptography blogging niche includes the following topics: 

  • Fundamental ideas and principles of cryptography
  • Encryption algorithms and their properties
  • Authentication protocols and tools
  • Digital signing
  • The principles of steganography
  • Methods for securing data and networks
  • Quantum cryptography and its applications
  • Public key infrastructure
  • Theoretical aspects of cryptographic systems

109. Gamer Gear

You can write about gaming laptops and PCs, gaming consoles, virtual reality and augmented reality, top mobile gaming products, popular gaming accessories, online gaming platforms, sound systems, and headphones, as well as video displays and connections.

110. Indie Film Reviews

Indie film reviews’ is where you can write about independent films of varying lengths, review techniques and tips explore the journey of independent filmmakers, analyze the overall theme of an independent film, learn about movie production techniques, contrast independent films with big budget productions, writing reviews of film festivals, and learning about keyword trends connected to independent films.

111. Personal Injury Law

If you have a legal background, write about common personal injury issues, types and values of settlements, the tort law system, the litigation process and timeline, understanding pain and suffering, getting paid for medical expenses, typical court costs and fees, various personal injury types, and the fundamentals of medical malpractice.

112. Overclocking 

Subtopics include overclocking using BIOS, experimental overclocking techniques, heat sink and water cooling for overclocking, understanding power requirements, troubleshooting overclocking related problems, monitoring and tuning, and contrasting various overclocking solutions.

113. Scrapbooking

You can write about die-cutting equipment, journaling and colour coordinating, designing scrapbook pages, gathering, organizing, and preserving memorabilia, safeguarding and stabilizing scrapbooks, scrapbooking tools and adhesives, digital scrapbooking, making thematic albums, and creating unique papercraft designs.

114. Gourmet Cooking

Consider writing on recipes, cooking methods and tools, entertaining cooking tips and techniques, the health advantages of consuming various products, estimating preparation times and ingredient substitutions, dining manners, food culture, and nutrition in the gourmet cooking blog topic.

115. Fashion Photography

The blog niche idea of fashion photography involves how to take memorable fashion images, how to utilize lighting, cameras, and other photographic equipment, various fashion photography trends, where to discover the finest settings for photoshoots, post-production advice, and how to establish a portfolio.

116. Voice Acting

Discuss techniques for producing excellent vocal performances, advice on how to achieve the right pitch and enunciation, how to find a voice acting job, how to warm up your vocal cords to prevent strain, tips on how to break into the industry, and how to project and express one’s emotions through acting.

117. Luxury Home Design

Are you into giving homes a luxury look? Because you can write about the most recent home design trends and inspirations, eco-friendly building materials, selecting the appropriate furniture and accessories, modular home design ideas, advice for choosing the best architects and contractors, and designing functional and appealing outdoor spaces.

118. Graphic Design 

Graphic design is all about the principles of design, the usage of various programs and software for digital graphics, typography, colour schemes, and branding, tools for mockup and prototyping, as well as the use of design in marketing and advertising.

119. Aerial Photography

You can write about using drones and other devices for taking aerial pictures, selecting the best lenses for the best picture quality, planning for the perfect shots, the newest technologies used in aerial photography, and the essential skills of an excellent aerial photographer.

120. Bridge Construction

Discuss various bridge types and their functions, structural principles used in bridge construction, materials used in building various types of bridges, the value of proper engineering and design, key components like piers and cables, the process of building bridges and cutting edge construction methods.

121. Aquascus

Talk about how to set up aquascaping setups, how to maintain the aquatic ecosystem and the submerged environment, what kinds of plants and decorations to use, various filtration methods, picking the best aquarium and fish, DIY aquascaping, and organic aquascaping techniques.

122. Indoor Exercises 

Having a blog on indoor exercises would involve different exercise routines you can do at home, developing personalized workout routines, advice on portion control and calorie counting, equipment needed for indoor exercises, using common household items for workouts, and creating realistic goals for a healthier lifestyle.

123. Outdoor Gear 

If you’re not into indoor exercises, then consider starting a blog on outdoor gear where you write about choosing the best equipment for hiking, camping, and other outdoor activities, assembling and maintaining camping gear, selecting the appropriate clothing for the activity, various types of camping tents, safety advice for camping, and techniques for waterproofing outdoor gear.

124. Storytelling 

Are you interested in storytelling? How about entering the micro niche of storytelling and writing on

  • The principles of storytelling
  • How to create characters and settings
  • The significance of maintaining a theme and a stylistic voice
  • How to start a story and keep it interesting
  • Understanding the viewer’s perspective
  • Writing stories in various mediums

125. Social Media Optimization

You can write about engaging followers on various platforms, the significance of selecting the appropriate content and posting times, setting up advertising campaigns, adding keywords to your posts, producing eye catching visuals, boosting an account’s rankings on search engines, tracking analytics, and understanding various algorithms.

126. Data Analysis

Write about gathering and extracting data from various sources, understanding various types of data sets, using statistical analysis for decision making, data visualization, machine learning, and predictive modelling, integrating analysis into current workflows, and transferring data between systems.

127. Drone Racing

Discuss topics like various racing contests and events, assembling a drone and inspecting its components, the idea of FPV drone racing, selecting a remote control type, putting up race obstacles, the key safety regulations, and related hardware and software.

128. Home Theater Installation

For the topic of home theatres, you can write about setting up the ideal home theatre system, using surround sound systems for an immersive experience, the significance of speaker positioning, selecting the best cameras and screens, using cables and connectors, calibration for calibrating the audio, and troubleshooting for challenging cases.

129. Baseball Memorabilia

Baseball memorabilia is definitely a micro niche idea but you can write on various sports memorabilia collections, the value of each item and collection, how to preserve the memorabilia and design the ideal display, get original pieces through autograph signings, identify rare and valuable items, keep track of transactions, and the significance of knowing the business and sports history.

130. Financial Literacy

You can write about budgeting and making a financial plan, understanding investments in general, different types of insurance and retirement plans, establishing credit and raising your credit score, finding financial literacy resources and organizations, and knowing how to spot financial scams.

131. Cryptozoology

You can discuss the relationship between cryptozoology and folklore, using the most recent technologies for the exploration, and the psychology, culture, and myths surrounding cryptids. You can also discuss the scientific possibilities of creatures and species, common sightings, and tales of unbelievable creatures.

132. Comic Book Reviews

The blog niche idea of comic book reviews involves the best comics, author and illustrator reviews and ratings, the distinction between genres, where to find the newest releases, how comics have influenced culture and history, how to keep track of archival prints and editions, and how to understand the business model for comic books.

133. Cryptocurrency Security

You can write about choosing secure cryptocurrency wallets, backup techniques, spotting fraud and scams, understanding the various coins and trading strategies, the value of cryptography and secure coding, protecting yourself from malware, and making the best investment decisions.

134. Healthcare Systems

A blog on healthcare systems would involve expanding access to healthcare, understanding the components of a healthcare system, examining various payment models, exploring the use of technology in healthcare, tracking the efficacy of treatments and medications, identifying various types of medical negligence, talking about the moral and legal ramifications of healthcare, and identifying system wide issues and solutions.

135. Blogging Platforms

You could discuss the variations between well liked blogging platforms, advice for personalizing style and content, typical issues with blogging platforms, and how to use various blogging platforms for various sorts of material.

136. Network Marketing

The blog niche idea of network marketing covers methods for effectively marketing goods and services through networks, building and managing a successful MLM team, identifying and understanding target markets, and understanding the rules and regulations pertaining to network marketing activities.

137. Animation Tutorials

You could discuss the fundamentals of animation design, techniques for producing high quality animations, constructing storyboards to go along with animations, and understanding various animation software packages.

138. Hunting Gear 

Discuss topics like how to choose the best rifle or bow for a particular sort of hunting, how to maintain and clean your hunting equipment, and advice for hunting in all seasons in the hunting gear blog topic.

139. Handmade Crafts 

Consider writing on the inventive process of developing and creating crafts, how to price and sell handmade products, techniques for managing restricted materials, and where to acquire inspiration for one of a kind crafts.

140. Mindfulness Practices

Are you into mindfulness? You could write about how to incorporate mindfulness into daily life, the science behind mindfulness, popular methods for building mindfulness practises, and how to establish a meditation practice.

141. Puppy Training

This involves methods for establishing routines for pups, correcting troublesome behaviours, and the advantages of teaching obedience and etiquette.

142. Video Game Design

You could write about game mechanics, player experiences, tools for making video games, and developing characters, settings, and narratives.

143. Stage Lighting 

Stage lighting involves maintaining and troubleshooting lighting equipment, how to apply the best practices for producing stage lighting, the history of stage lighting design, and the procedures involved in stage lighting design.

144. Product Photography

You could write about how to set up product photographs, how to take product photos outside of a studio, what makes a good product photo, and how to use natural light while taking product photos in the product photography blog topic.

145. Online Business Consulting

Talk about how to reach clients online, the best ways to interact with them, the procedures involved in establishing an online presence, and how to use SEO and other pertinent technology.

146. Home Decorating Tips

Are you interested in decorating your home? You could discuss colour and design schemes, advice for decorating compact rooms, suggestions for showcasing artwork, and the best ways to arrange furniture.

147. Hiking Tips

If you’re a hiker, start writing in the hiking advice blog niche about how to pick the best hiking equipment, trail safety, carry the correct supplies, and how make a fun yet secure trip.

148. Voiceover Services

Write about the various vocal performances, how to advertise a voiceover business, how to price voiceover services, and how to record the finest audio for voiceovers.

149. Blockchain Technology

The blog topic of blockchains involves the origins and different types of blockchain, blockchain platforms and applications, understanding cryptocurrencies, and the effects of blockchain adoption on various industries.

150. Raising Livestock 

You can write on how to feed, house, and care for livestock, how to understand an animal’s life cycle, how to raise livestock in a healthy way, and the advantages of treating animals humanely.

151. Thrift Shopping

Everyone wants to buy for cheap [AKA Thrift Shoppers]. You could reveal local thrift shops, advice for finding fashionable yet reasonably priced clothing, techniques for spotting vintage goods, and concepts for upcycling clothing and other items.

152. Car Mechanical Repair

You could write about forecasting and avoiding automobile troubles, essential tools and materials for repairs, how to detect engine problems and the fundamentals of car mechanics.

153. CNC Product Design

Discuss topics like making bespoke components using CNC equipment, selecting the best CNC tools for certain projects, providing quality control for CNC processes, and saving money while utilizing CNC machines.

154. Gardening Supplies 

Write about choosing the right equipment and supplies for a gardening project, creating an appealing and functional garden design, using composting techniques, and ways to enhance soil health.

155. Crochet Patterns

Choosing and using the proper patterns, various crochet stitches and their applications, inventive methods to combine crochet stitches, time saving tips and techniques are great topics to write on.

156. Career Counseling

The career counselling blog niche is all about alternative career routes and their advantages, how to improve resumes and cover letters, interview techniques, and the value of networking.

157. Audio Engineering

You could write about different kinds of recording studios, the fundamentals of acoustics for audio systems, selecting the appropriate recording studio equipment, and the process of producing both digital and analogue audio.

158. Event Planning

Talk about picking the ideal location for a certain event, making an extensive schedule for events, choosing the perfect décor and food, and preparing an event budget plan in the event planning blog topic.

159. Equestrian Excellence

Equestrian excellence is a micro niche involving subjects like excellence in equestrian competitions, how to properly take care of equestrian equipment, how to pick the ideal horse for different equestrian disciplines, and how to keep good riding form for superior performance.

160. Home Security Systems

The home security systems blogging niche includes the following topics:

  • Cutting edge home security protection techniques
  • The benefits of implementing security measures in a home environment
  • Advice for picking the best security system for various homes
  • How to correctly install a home security system

161. Drone Flying

You could write on subjects like the fundamentals of drone flying, the right usage and use of drones in recreational and professional settings, the laws and regulations governing drone use and flight, and how to correctly operate and maintain a drone.

162. Economics

Topics in this niche include international economics, business cycles, economic modelling, government debt and deficit, and financial markets.

163. Mobile Applications

The topic of mobile applications includes subjects like current developments in mobile applications, the value of investing in their development, how to provide the greatest user experience possible, and strategies for monetizing mobile applications.

164. Virtual Classroom Solutions

You can write about subjects like the advantages of virtual classroom learning, practical strategies for using virtual classrooms in the classroom, helpful techniques for facilitating online discussion, and advice for keeping students interested in the virtual classroom.

165. Web Hosting Services

Talk about the benefits of utilizing web hosting services, how to pick the finest web hosting services, and how to utilize a web hosting service to maximize SEO rankings.

166. Freelance Writing

This blog niche involves the fundamentals of freelance writing, how to find freelance writing jobs, how to put together a strong portfolio that showcases your writing, how to market yourself as a writer, and best practices for managing your freelance writing career.

167. Amateur Astronomy 

Amateur astronomy is all about the many telescopes and stargazing tools available to amateur astronomers, advice for finding constellations and stars in the night sky, and intriguing stories of space travel.

168. Beauty Tips

You could write about cosmetic tutorials, styling advice, DIY hair treatments, natural hair care recipes, and news in the beauty advice blog topic.

169. Mental Wellness 

Mental Wellness is a great blog niche idea to write on stress reduction strategies, the advantages of mindfulness and meditation, developing constructive thought patterns, and maintaining emotional stability.

170. Indoor Sports

Discuss badminton, bowling, basketball, table tennis, and other indoor sports, as well as advice on how to perform better and unusual locations to practise inside.

171. Celebrity Styling

Talk about notable celebrity looks, advice on how to replicate celebrity style, runway fashion inspirations, and suggestions on how to dress for important events.

172. Home Organization 

The blog topic of home organization involves how to clear your house, clever storage solutions, advice on home cleaning and organization, and cost effective home furnishing strategies.

173. Personal Security

You could write about home safety advice, data protection and privacy measures, how to keep safe online and in public places, and what to do in an emergency.

174. Skin Care

The blog topic of skin care involves the results of various skin care products, advice on selecting the best skin care regimen, all natural beauty remedies, and suggestions on how to avoid skin issues.

175. Couples Counseling

Discuss how to manage conflict in relationships, couple communication tips, telltale indicators of dysfunctional relationships, and the value of self care in partnerships.

176. Educational Technology

Write on the newest educational technology, methods for incorporating it into the classroom, platforms for distance learning, and the significance of teaching kids about the digital world.

177. Amateur Photography

For amateur photography, you could write about camera and photography gear, suggestions for creating eye catching shots, techniques for using digital photo editing software, and sharing photos online.

178. Property Investment

You could discuss various investment kinds, the advantages of real estate investing, how to understand different property regulations, and suggestions for purchasing and selling properties.

179. Youtube Marketing

Talk about developing a strong channel structure, writing an interesting video script, editing and improving video footage, making an optimal video caption and title, and growing a committed subscriber base for the blog topic of Youtube marketing.

180. Animal Welfare

Write about animal starvation in shelters, providing suitable medical treatment for animals, promoting animal rights, and advice for promoting animal welfare both domestically and abroad.

181. Camping Adventures 

Camping is all about how to pack camping supplies and equipment, how to light a campfire, how to choose the finest camping spots, how to build a shelter, and how to arrange outdoor activities.

182. Fashion Design

Consider writing on how to mix and match stylish designs, select the best fabrics for various designs, an overview of various sewing techniques, and advice for coming up with an original fashion design concept.

183. Drone Videography

You could write about flying and manoeuvring drones, getting aerial shots, using drone footage in video and film projects, and creating beautiful short films or cinematic shots.

184. Art Appreciation

For the micro niche of art appreciation, you can write about obscure modern art, well known paintings or artists, historic art forms and their significance in the current world, odd art styles, and the need for close examination and contemplation while enjoying art.

185. Digital Advertising

You could discuss the significance of tracking metrics, incorporating audience behaviour data into digital advertising plans, improving social media advertising techniques, and creating targeted campaigns.

186. Video Content Production

You could write about picking a video editing programme, integrating motion graphics, doing voiceovers, creating a catchy soundtrack, and collaborating with a videography team.

187. Exotic Pet Care

You could write about correct meals for various exotics, how to spot health problems, how to build up a habitat, and how to educate yourself on the particular requirements of exotic animals for the blog topic of exotic pet care.

188. Motorcycle Modification 

Talk about selecting the appropriate modification equipment and materials, learning suitable detailing and waxing techniques, doing wheel and axle repairs, and creating creative changes to make your motorbike stand out.

189. Green Living Solutions

You could write about practical composting methods, transitioning to solar power, discovering sustainable products, advice for starting your own garden, and other topics.

190. Website Optimization

Topics in the blog niche of website optimization include:

  • How to audit your website for maximum speed and usability
  • Building a conversion friendly website
  • Using analytics to increase website traffic
  • Optimizing your website for mobile devices

191. Deep Sea Fishing 

You can write about how to choose the best gear for deep sea fishing, where to find the best fishing spots, safety precautions for deep sea fishing, how to use the right bait and lures, and how to understand ocean conditions and weather forecasts.

192. Car Audio Installation

Write about selecting the best car audio speaker system, correctly installing car audio components, adjusting the audio settings for the best sound, taking into account after market modifications, and installing new audio systems.

193. Adventure Photography

Discuss capturing excellent shots in distant areas, taking pictures in harsh weather conditions, picking the best camera and lenses, using natural lighting, and discovering a fresh and exciting subject matter.

194. Sustainable Agriculture 

In the blogging niche of sustainable agriculture, write about improving crop production efficiency, decreasing agricultural runoff, improving soil health and fertility, employing natural pest management methods, and applying a permaculture approach.

195. Cryptocurrency Investing

The blog niche of cryptocurrency investing is all about selecting the finest cryptocurrencies for investment, understanding the many wallet kinds, mastering cryptocurrency trading, avoiding cryptocurrency scams, and learning about the most recent blockchain technology.

196. Purebred Breeds

You could discuss the traits of various breeds, the value of health testing, advice for successful breeding, how to care for purebred kittens and pups, how to choose the best breed for your lifestyle, and other relevant subjects.

197. Online Language Learning

The blog niche of online language learning covers using language learning software proficiently, organizing and carrying out a language learning objective, utilizing internet resources, understanding cultural subtleties, and other similar themes.

198. Robot Programming

Write about the fundamentals of programming for robots, developing effective code for robotic systems, choosing the right materials for robots, and debugging robotic problems.

199. Pet Care

Discuss the best food for various types of pets, identify common pet illnesses, select the best veterinarian, understand pet behaviour, offer exercise and enrichment activities, and other relevant subjects.

200. Bike Commuting 

Bike commuting is a perfect blog niche idea to talk about choosing the best route for biking, maintaining your bike in excellent working condition, understanding the fundamentals of bicycle maintenance, and packing efficiently for a bike commute.

201. Natural Horsemanship

Natural horsemanship covers the fundamentals of natural horsemanship, learning about horse behaviour and body language, establishing trust with a horse, and creating efficient horse training regimens.

202. Barista Coffee

You could discuss understanding the many coffee bean varieties, espresso machine operation and maintenance, making latte art, balancing flavour while brewing coffee, the best methods for cold brewing, and other relevant issues.

203. Investing Strategies

Consider writing about using the appropriate tools for quantitative and qualitative analysis, understanding risk and return, creating a diversified portfolio, and other similar issues.

204. Career Remodeling 

Write about evaluating alternate sources of income, creating a career plan, looking into professional growth prospects, strategically networking, acquiring new skills and trades, and other relevant themes.

205. Design Thinking

Understanding user behaviour, coming up with original solutions to issues, utilizing client input, seeing design patterns, and prototyping fast and efficiently are all topics you can bring up.

206. International Fashion Scene

The blog niche of international fashion scenes involves finding niche fashion designers, researching global fashion trends, utilizing technology in fashion design, and understanding the impact of culture on fashion.

207. Movie Reviews

In the blog niche of movie reviews, you can dive into studies of specific movies, contrasting films from other genres, the significance of sound and visual effects, and the cultural influence of a movie.

208. Thermal Imaging

Another great micro niche idea is thermal imaging. You could write about the method and goal of employing thermal imaging, the variety of applications for the technology, the difficulties related to the technology, and affordable thermal imaging solutions.

209. Treehouse Building

We’re all interested in building treehouses. So why not write about it? Some topics would include the methods used to construct a treehouse, the variety of options for decoration and use, opinions on the best materials and tools, innovative ideas for people with limited space, and how to sustain a treehouse over extended periods of time.

210. Voiceover Talent

The micro niche of voiceover talent covers the difficulties of voiceover performance, the best procedures for recording voiceovers, the tools and methods employed in the sector, advice on building a strong portfolio and marketing your skills as a voiceover talent, and an examination of how technology has affected the voiceover sector.

211. Home Automation Solutions

Talk about the advantages and disadvantages of home automation, the many systems that are out there, security implications, cost benefit analysis, and the numerous ways that home automation can enhance living.

212. User Experience Design

Write on the approaches used to maximize user experiences, how various user demographics affect user experiences, the value of user input, developing user journeys, and investigating interactive design aspects.

213. Software Development 

You could discuss project management software, the value of coding standards, debugging and troubleshooting, user stories and agile development, the effect of software development on the job market, and the future of software development.

214. International Cuisine

The history of various cuisines, concept restaurants, technology’s application in the culinary industry, contrasting the ingredients used in other civilizations, and how to replicate classic meals in a contemporary setting are all topics you can cover.

215. Collectible Merchandise

Consider writing about the distinctive qualities of collectibles, advice on maintaining and managing a collection, the value of authenticity, the best methods for purchasing collectibles, and how to successfully market a collection.

216. Book Reviews

Are you into techniques for writing book reviews? How to create a book synopsis? The value of a good review, the value of reading to understand different cultures and the significance of honouring an author’s intended message are great topics to discuss in the blog niche of book reviews.

217. Pilates Instruction

Speak on the fundamentals of Pilates, effective teaching methods, concepts for Pilates-based workout programmes, advice for adapting Pilates instruction for various learners, and methods for developing a successful Pilates routine.

218. Garbage Collection

Garbage collection is another micro niche idea where you can write about the types of garbage collected, the significance of proper garbage disposal, the economic and environmental effects of garbage collection, the cooperation between public and private entities for garbage collection, and alternatives to conventional garbage collection are all topics you can cover.

219. Biodegradable Solutions

You can write about the benefits of biodegradable materials, the various kinds of biodegradable materials, the global impact of biodegradable products, innovative ways to incorporate biodegradable materials into regular products and packaging, and the best practices for environmental sustainability in the blog niche biodegradable solutions.

220. Affordable Weddings

The idea of affordable weddings is all about innovative methods to arrange a low cost wedding, advice for organizing and producing an affordable wedding, strategies for cutting back on décor and venue costs, the best ways to lower food costs, and how to fit a low cost wedding into a schedule.

221. Animation Voiceover

The animation voiceover blogging niche includes the following topics:

  • Voice acting for video games
  • Using sound engineering equipment for animation purposes
  • The various approaches and techniques for recording animation performances
  • The variety of opportunities available in the animation voiceover field
  • Career advice for animation voiceover experts

222. Drone Racing 

You can write about the advantages and drawbacks of drone technology, safety advice for drone racing, techniques for successful drone navigation, the laws and policies governing both public and private drone use, drone maintenance and repair methods, and various ways to get involved in the drone racing scene.

223. BJJ Tutorials

You could discuss fundamental positions and techniques, advice for enhancing speed and agility, exercises for increasing strength, safe ways to practise, the value of food and sleep, and the greatest Brazilian jiu-jitsu training and resources.

224. Injury Prevention 

Write about recognizing and avoiding risks, the advantages of regular exercise and nutrition, understanding different sorts of injuries, advice for stretching and rehab, safety gear and clothing, and how to notice warning signs and symptoms of injury.

225. Spare Parts 

You could write about how to find and buy spare parts, how to determine what parts are needed, popular modification trends, how to install parts, techniques for obtaining parts at a reduced price, and the environmental impacts of parts manufacture.

226. Electronics Repair

Talk about the fundamentals of troubleshooting, soldering procedures, component identification, gaining technical knowledge, learning how to utilize schematics, how to save money while fixing electronics, and understanding electrical safety rules in the electronics repair blog niche.

227. Mindful Eating 

The blog niche of mindful eating is all about recognizing cravings and triggers, learning to pay attention to your body’s hunger cues, planning meals, discovering mindful eating customs from other cultures, understanding food labels, and self care techniques.

228. Medieval History

The political structures of medieval Europe, the development of chivalry and the knightly code, societal attitudes towards women, an overview of clothing and daily life, as well as an examination of the period’s magical and superstitious beliefs are all topics you can cover.

229. Rock Climbing 

Another great micro niche idea is rock climbing! You can write about the fundamentals of rock climbing, the use of rock climbing equipment, proper form and strength building exercises, how to read and interpret various grade ratings, environmental considerations in rock climbing, safety procedures, and rappelling techniques.

230. Celebrity Gossip

You can write about celebrity news and rumours, the gossip cycle, communicating with followers on social media, recapping debates about famous events and performances, interesting trivia about famous people, and current information about famous people, both old and new.

231. Cosplay Design

Write about designing and building costumes, scaling and modifying patterns, making character makeup, understanding body paints and dyes, learning advanced crafting skills, recreating props, and finding resources to practise cosplay design in the niche of cosplay design.

232. Home Decorating

Write about the fundamentals of interior design, experimenting with various paints and textures, cost effective decorating ideas, advice for organizing a home, tips for establishing focal points in a room, and using secondhand and vintage items to develop a unique style.

233. Rustic Furniture

You could discuss how to choose wood and metal, woodworking skills, how to distress and age wood, understanding stains and finishes, appropriate glueing procedures, conversations about current trends, and the significance of regular furniture care.

234. Off Road Driving

Talk about 4WD etiquette, the fundamentals of 4WD vehicle settings and operation, the significance of recovery and safety, how to drive on different terrains, understanding traction, navigating and entering challenging areas, maintenance and repairs for off road driving, and more.

235. Online Shopping

You could write about how to get the best deals, how to understand return policies, how to compare costs, how to identify prominent online retailers, how to discuss security trends, how to choose trustworthy websites, and how to evaluate well known online retailers in the online shopping blog topic.

236. Business Etiquette

You could discuss business etiquette examples, proper clothing codes, holding and participating in meetings, making introductions, telephone etiquette, presentation delivery, the value of personal grooming, and respecting cultural variations.

237. Extreme Sports

Consider writing on identifying and understanding risks related to extreme sports, appropriate clothing and equipment, maintaining a healthy mental and physical balance, appropriate etiquette when interacting with others who participate in the same sports, how to participate in extreme sports safely, and how to properly transition your body between activities.

238. Makeup Artistry

You can write about the foundation of contemporary makeup artistry, the tools required for makeup artistry, advice for developing a distinctive style, an understanding of current makeup trends, building and managing a successful portfolio, distinctions between stage, television, and broadcast makeup, and the history of makeup.

239. Tax Preparation

You could discuss tax saving tactics, the significance of filing taxes, compiling the necessary paperwork, deductions, credits, and exemptions, as well as timely filing advice and keeping accurate records all year long.

240. Home Audio Systems

Discuss topics like the fundamentals of home audio systems, the parts for various systems, acoustic treatments, room acoustics, various audio formats and characteristics, strategies for optimizing systems, adequate power supplies, and simple repairs.

241. Self Defense 

You can write about situational awareness, the fundamentals of martial arts, risk management and de-escalation, how to make an action plan and react to threats, how to defend yourself without a weapon, striking and grappling techniques, and gaining and maintaining confidence.

242. Closet Organization 

Write about arranging certain elements of a person’s closet, advice on how to maximize closet space, ideas for storing accessories, and how to arrange clothing by colour and season.

243. Productivity Techniques

Get into the methods for increasing productivity, integrating mental and physical approaches, switching up regions, and maintaining motivation in the blog niche of productivity methods.

244. Drone Piloting 

You could discuss safe drone operation procedures, laws and regulations, flight safety, aerial photography and videography, and maintenance advice.

245. Tennis Instruction

Write on the physical and mental approaches to the game, advanced strategies, equipment reviews, and service skills in the tennis instruction blog topic.

246. Accessories Design

This topic involves the newest trends in accessory design, techniques for producing accessories, technical and legal issues for designing, and how to create the ideal item.

247. Historic Preservation

The value of conserving the past, best practices for repairing and protecting historical monuments, increasing public involvement, and understanding historical relevance can all be discussed.

248. Refinishing Projects

This would include safe techniques, professional results hacks, and best practices for refinishing various surfaces.

249. Distilling Techniques

Write articles on distilling’s fundamentals, advancements in the industry, process improvement advice, ways to preserve tastes, and more.

250. Adaptive Clothing

You can write about the fashion ramifications of adaptable clothes, the history and evolution of trends, cutting edge fabric innovations, styling advice, and upkeep & maintenance in the blog topic of adaptive clothing.

251. Technology Trends

You could write about the most recent technical developments, impending technological trends, information on developing technologies, and competitiveness tactics in the blog niche of technology trends.

252. Biodegradable Packaging

Biodegradable packaging includes the following topics:

  • The advantages of biodegradable packaging
  • Advice for choosing the best materials,
  • The advantages of sustainable packaging
  • Current waste management guidelines

253. Flower Arranging 

Flower arranging is about choosing the best container for floral arrangements, various types of materials, colour harmony, etc.

254. Career Development 

You could write about setting professional objectives, understanding career skills, networking, changing jobs, and methods for picking up new talents in the blog topic career development.

255. Tactical Gear 

Discuss the advantages of tactical gear, product evaluations, efficient packing methods, and creative gear storage concepts.

256. Off Grid Living

Off grid living is a popular blog niche idea that covers the advantages of off grid living, understanding off grid systems, advice for creating self sustaining systems, and methods for preserving your valuables.

257. Personal Branding Strategies

Topics include how to create your own distinctive brand, techniques for controlling reputation, advice for creating appealing slogans, and communication tactics for developing a devoted following.

258. Science Fiction

You could discuss the influence of science fiction, the rise in speculative fiction’s popularity, themes, and character analysis.

259. Home Relocation

Write about the legal ramifications of relocating, advice for ensuring a seamless transfer, ways to cut costs, and the best ways to settle into a new house.

260. Photography Business

Talk about how to build a photography clientele, advertise your own photography business, set yourself up for success, and many methods for developing the ideal photographic portfolio.

261. Gunsmithing

In the micro niche idea of gunsmithing, you can discuss the various facets of gunsmithing, safety precautions, best practices for maintenance and repair, and the processes to become a gunsmith.

262. Guided Meditation

You could write about various types of meditation, relaxation techniques, meditation myths, and spiritual activities in the guided meditation blog topic.

263. Collecting Vintage Toys

Discuss various old toy lines, in demand products, advice for choosing high quality toys, and methods for exhibiting and conserving vintage objects.

264. Sports Psychology

Talk about the psychological underpinnings of motivation, overcoming challenges, building team spirit, and promoting a positive. You can also write on managing performance pressure and understanding how mind and behaviour patterns affect sporting objectives in your essay.

265. Career Counselling 

In the career counselling blog niche, you can write about how to identify career goals, assess strengths and weaknesses, develop transferable skills, create a portfolio, and explore different job sectors. You could also talk about navigating career transitions, overcoming obstacles at work, developing job search plans, and successfully selling oneself.

266. Online Book Publishing

Write about the numerous digital publishing formats, online marketing tactics, developing a successful sales page, and understanding copywriting lingo. You can also discuss the importance of setting correct pricing, developing engaging content, limiting production costs, and utilizing analytics.

267. Container Gardening

Write on the fundamentals of container gardening, techniques for selecting appropriate containers, soil fertility, and the significance of proper watering in the blog topic of container gardening. Also, you could talk about selecting productive kinds, the value of mulching and limiting plant growth, managing insect pests, and managing soil diseases.

268. Digital Nomad Strategies 

Write about the benefits and drawbacks of the digital nomad lifestyle as well as advice for productive remote work. You could also talk about creating a budget for a nomadic lifestyle, travelling to various places, staying organized and productive while on the go, and emphasizing sustainability.

269. Home Environmental Solutions

Discuss topics like eco friendly building materials, energy efficient appliances, home environmental solutions, alternative methods of heating and cooling, waste minimization, air quality preservation, and the design of hygienic living areas can also be covered.

270. Drawing Tutorials

In the blog niche idea of drawing tutorials, you can write about the fundamentals of drawing, developing gripping concepts, creating dynamic characters and depicting convincing scenery. Also, you could talk about drawing figures, drafting methods, generating the appearance of 3D space, and performing drawing competitions.

271. Computer Forensics

Write on the foundations of computer forensics, the legal implications of data analysis, and ideas for data receiving, analysis, and display. You could also go through how digital forensics is used in business investigations, how to retrieve lost data, how to analyze digital evidence, and how to keep the chain of custody.

272. Financing Strategies

You could write about how to make the most of investments, start saving money and putting together an emergency fund and develop an effective personal budget. Also, you could talk about how to use retirement accounts, analyze credit scores, create financial objectives, and compare various financial products.

273. Psychology Of Games

Write about how gaming can influence decision making, creating engaging game design experiences, and the behavioural traits of players. You could also talk about how games can be used as teaching aids, design ideas for inspiring situations, and the effects of various gaming subgenres.

274. Home Safety 

Home safety includes the various facets of house safety, spotting threats in various places, and understanding the fundamentals of dealing with electrical appliances in the home safety blog niche. Discuss the value of putting smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in your house, checking for gas leaks, knowing where to get clean water, and setting up a secure work environment.

275. Survival Skills

Survival skills cover various survival strategies, navigational abilities, and locating food and shelter in the outdoors. Also, you could talk about first aid, water filtration, generating fire using the materials you have on hand, and being safe in the outdoors.

276. Dorm Decorating 

You could write about how to buy furniture, utilize space effectively, and freshen up the area with wall art and decorations. You could also talk about ways to add storage, eliminate clutter, make the most of tight areas, and make rooms more pleasant.

277. Music Business 

The music business is all about how to make a compelling artist profile, where to locate a manager, and how to pick a record label. Also, you could go through making and distributing music, understanding licence agreements, the fundamentals of music copyright, and cultivating contacts in the business.

278. Baseball Tactics 

Another uncommon blog niche idea is baseball tactics. You could discuss the fundamentals of selecting a batting order, defence tactics, and problem solving various scenarios. Also, you could talk about pitching tactics, the value of performance analysis, match preparation, and fostering a sense of teamwork.

279. Home Decoration 

You might write about various decorating styles, developing a colour scheme, and understanding fundamental layout ideas. You could also talk about how to identify and select the appropriate furniture, make the most of natural lighting, hang art, and regulate the temperature.

280. Blockchain Strategies

You could write about the numerous applications of blockchain technology in contemporary business, their effects on companies, and the precautions companies must take to keep their data secure in the Blockchain Strategy blog topic.

281. Barista Training 

The micro niche of barista training involves the best ways to run a coffee shop, teaching techniques for selling coffee beverages and instructing barista classes, and the financial advantages of hiring experienced baristas.

282. Glassblowing 

The micro niche for glassblowing involves the history of the craft, its significance in contemporary art, various glassblowing methods and styles, as well as the supplies and equipment required in the process.

283. Vegan Nutrition 

You could write about the nutritional advantages of vegan diets, the diversity of vegan foods available, recipes, culinary advice, and innovative vegan cooking techniques.

284. Bedroom Decor 

Write about the significance of establishing a calming ambiance in the bedroom, many ways to decorate a bedroom space to make it your own, and the design concepts that can be applied to create a calm and pleasant place.

285. Commercial Photography

Discuss the methods and tools required to capture photos of a professional calibre, the value of post processing techniques, and the various forms of commercial photography.

286. Poetry Criticism 

You could write on how to detect outstanding poetry, how to evaluate a poem and the many aspects of poetry that one could take into account when doing so.

287. Job Search Strategies 

Consider writing about various techniques for locating and applying for jobs, the best ways to compose a polished resume and cover letter, and methods for investigating potential employers.

288. Aquaponics

You could discuss the many designs and systems used in aquaponics, the advantages of aquaponics as a method of farming and garden upkeep, and the numerous fish and plants that can be employed in aquaponics systems.

289. Candle Making

You could discuss the fundamentals of candle making, various methods for generating distinctive patterns, and the supplies and equipment required to make lovely candles in the blog topic of candle making.

290. Yoga Anatomy 

Discuss topics like specific poses and how to perform them correctly, how to employ certain muscles to deepen or expand one’s practice, and how to understand and use the breath in yoga.

291. Landscaping

You could write about the fundamentals of landscape design, various plants and features that can be utilized to create an outside landscape, and how to plan and construct a lovely outdoor environment in the landscaping blog niche.

292. Personal Investment 

The niche of personal investment includes portfolio diversification, the fundamentals of finance and investing, and traps to avoid while making financial decisions.

293. Outdoor Survival 

The blog topic of outdoor survival dives into correct camping and wilderness manners, the value of being aware of your surroundings and having a basic awareness of survival techniques, as well as the equipment and supplies required for a risk free excursion.

294. Business Innovation

Write about innovative business growth tactics, the value of understanding the market and remaining current with industry trends, as well as inventive approaches to promote and set apart a small organization.

295. Racing Technology

Racing technology is another solid micro niche idea that covers how technology is transforming the racing industry, how race cars are powered by computers and connections, and how autonomous vehicles are affecting the sport of racing.

296. Memorabilia Collecting

You could write about collecting advice, locating rare things and memorabilia, various forms of memorabilia, where to locate and buy collectibles, and conserving and presenting relics.

297. Adventure Film Reviews

Talk about old school adventure movies, new and forthcoming ones, favourite adventure movie reviews, the distinction between adventure movies and action movies, various adventure movie filmmaking techniques, and directors and stars from adventure movies

298. Fibre Art 

Fibre art is a micro niche where you could write about weaving loom techniques, trends in the fibre arts, knitting, spinning, dyeing, felting, crocheting, and quilting.

299. International Travel Tips

You could write about packing advice, living abroad experiences, being healthy while travelling, budgeting while travelling, meeting people while travelling, safety travel tips, and how to get trustworthy and current travel information in the blog topic of international travel.

300. Event Planning 

Discuss effective event planning techniques, budgeting for events, the newest event decor and design trends, the significance of having the appropriate event staffing, how to find and manage caterers and hospitality staff, and suggestions on event marketing and promotions.

301. Slow Living 

Slowly write about how to develop slow living habits, simplify your life, get rid of clutter and material belongings, methods for lowering stress, tactics for recovering equilibrium, and the pleasures and advantages of slowing down.

302. AI Applications

You could discuss practical applications of AI, scientific breakthroughs in the field, privacy issues related to AI, dangers and rewards of AI that could affect people, how AI augments and enhances human activities, and AI’s ethical ramifications.

303. Local Festivals

You could write about forthcoming festivals and events, how to organize festivals, how to find and manage vendors, tips on picking entertainment, suggestions for festival marketing and promotion, and personal experiences of local festival attendees.

304. Writing Resumes 

The blog niche of writing resumes includes: 

  • How to create an effective and appealing resume
  • Advice on emphasizing work history and experience
  • Niche resumes for specific industries
  • Writing resumes cover letters and profiles
  • Develop an elevator pitch
  • How to use various media as part of a resume

305. Neon Sign Design 

Discuss topics like design advice and ideas, various neon sign kinds and their applications, testing and maintaining neon signs, how to plan a sign design, accepted sign design norms, various neon materials, and the significance of designing sustainably.

306. 3D Modeling

You can write about the fundamentals of 3D modelling, well liked programmes and tools for 3D modelling, 3D printing advice, how to construct and combine textures, guidance on producing animations and simulations, and discuss the most recent trends in 3D modelling.

The #1 Strategy to enter saturated niches

The health niche is one of the most saturated niches to start blogging in. There are countless high authority blogs like WebMD and MayoClinic dominating select subniches like diseases and injuries.

And when it comes to any products like supplements, medicine, or rehab products, there are numerous blogs [From low to high authority] that are invading these subniches, simply because it’s a great niche for affiliate marketing and Ads [Which means it’s a great source of income].

But, how would someone like you who is planning on starting a brand new blog enter such a dominated niche? It’s simple.

How to enter a highly competitive niche?

To enter a highly competitive niche, you need to really niche down. This is the secret of any niche. You can enter any niche no matter how competitive is. If it’s not that competitive, then you can stick to broader subniches. If it’s an insanely competitive blog, you really need to niche down and build topical authority.

In the case of the health niche, here is a micro niche I recently found in my research expeditions that you could enter:

A profitable micro niche in health 

“New supplements” falls under the subniche of supplements. There are new supplements entering the market daily. So, there’s an endless supply of affiliate marketing you can get into. Just start writing content on specific supplements that are brand new.

Go to Google and search “Hot New Releases for New supplements” and click on the search result that takes you to Amazon’s page that displays “Hot new releases”:

Screenshot displaying Amazon's "Hot New Releases" banner

Go through the product list and find products you want to affiliate market for. Next, write 1 or 2 blog posts on that specific product.

For example, if you’re promoting “Tylenol blaster X23WDE4”, then make sure that’s the keyword your blog post is optimized for [Don’t just use “Tylenol”, and expect to rank].

You can easily rank for these product keywords because you’ll likely have ZERO competition. But, if that product starts blowing up, you’ll end up with competitors who snatch your spot on the search results [Because they beat you in every SEO metric possible, no offence].

So, all you do is continue writing on the next “new release supplement”. This strategy works well for supplements because people are consistently looking for new supplements along with their reviews [Which isn’t the case with most products out there].

I’ve also built a guide on affiliate marketing that’ll provide a bunch of tips and tricks to boost your revenue growth.


What niche is trending in 2023?

The fitness niche is definitely trending in 2023 because there has been a rise in several influencers motivating and driving the general public toward becoming a fit and healthier version of themselves.

The podcasting niche is also rising because podcasts have become quite popular in the past years, and everyone wants to start a podcast nowadays.

But, in general, most niches discussed in my list will continue trending in 203 and for years to come [Because they’re evergreen].

Which niche is profitable for blogging in 2023?

The fitness, finance [How to make money], and food niches will be the most profitable for blogging in 2023. In fact, any niche where you have the ability to monetize [And sell something] will be profitable. Check out the 9 different blog monetization methods you could potentially work with when starting a new blog.

What is a blog niche?

A blog niche is a topic or subject your blog focuses on by creating content for it. There are no size requirements for a topic to be niche. For example, “Fitness” is a niche, and “Protein shakes” is also a niche despite the fact that “Protein shakes” is a small sector that falls under “Fitness”.

The only difference will be that a blog that has a niche in “Protein shakes” will have a lot more content on “Protein shakes” than a blog that has a niche in “Fitness”. This is where topical authority and keyword difficulty come into play.

If you want higher chances of ranking, you should begin with a small niche and cover it well [Like “Protein shakes”], and then you can niche out [to “Fitness”].

What’s the biggest mistake bloggers make when picking a niche?

The biggest mistake bloggers make when picking a niche [And the #1 reason why they fail] is that they pick a niche they’re passionate about but it’s a niche where they can’t monetize the audience well.

Because they can’t monetize, they can’t make money. And if you can’t make money blogging, a process that requires so much time and effort, it won’t last long term.

How to start a niche blog?

To start a niche blog, determine the niche you want to create content on. Next, follow the steps to set up a blog that you can find in our guide.

Next, do keyword research to find topics in that niche and create a large list to cover everything in that niche, and then start writing. That is how you start a niche blog.

What is a micro niche blog?

A micro niche blog is a blog that is focused on something very specific and not broad. For example, “Epoxy Table Woodworking” would be considered a micro niche where you would only create content for “Epoxy Table WoodWorking”.