The ONLY blog hosting service needed to start a new blog [A Blogger’s Guide]

If you’re a blogger, the ONLY blog hosting service you need is Hostinger. Are there other great options available? 

Yes. But which is the most CHEAPEST & RELIABLE for a new blog [Until it reaches 10,000+ visitors]? 


This article will cover in depth, why the blog hosting service provided by Hostinger should be your primary choice. Keep reading.

The Best Blog Hosting Provider

Why Hostinger is the best blog hosting for new blogs

Hostinger is the best blog hosting for new blogs because the features it provides are just what you need when starting a new blog. 

All at the cheapest cost in the industry. And used by 71,000 companies worldwide

Here are 8 factors that make Hostinger the perfect blog hosting service for a new blog:

1. Blog host service pricing

Hostinger provides the cheapest priced plans amongst blog hosting services. 

Their cheapest plan is $1.99 [For a 48 month plan] and stays under $2.99 for all their beginner plans. 

In comparison, here are the cheapest prices that other top blog hosting services provide:

[Click links to get most updated pricings]

A2 Hosting$7.99

[There are cheaper options than even Hostinger, but they lack strength in the rest of the 8 factors, & will cause you to trouble down, the road. 

Therefore, Hostinger is the cheapest you get without compromising the quality of hosting]

2. Blog storage space

Hostinger provides 50GB of blog hosting storage. Which far exceeds the average of 10 – 20 GB in the industry for their beginner plan [Which is also the cheapest].

A2 Hosting50GB 

3. This blog hosting service has FREE SSL

Hostinger provides FREE unlimited SSL in all their plans, including their cheapest one [Mentioned above],

BluehostFREE SSL for 1st year only
SiteGroundFREE SSL
DreamhostFREE SSL
A2 HostingFREE SSL

4. 1 Click WordPress install

One of the most important aspects of blog hosting is whether they have a 1 Click WordPress installation. 

Which Hostinger does. Once you select their plan and make payment, you’ll be able to just click install to get WordPress on your blog hosting. 

WordPress is a must [More on that later]. But, all other blog hosting services provide either a 1 Click or automatic installation.

5. Cheap Domain

Another cost to consider is your domain. On average, a domain would cost anywhere between $10 – $20 [For the average “.com” domain]. 

Bluehost, one of the major blog hosting services, provides its domain service for roughly $16 a year. Whereas Hostinger provides it for $14 a year. 

[This is their cost of renewal, not what you pay in the first, year. If the first year, Bluehost charges $13, and Hostinger charges $10]

6. Uptime

In terms of uptime, almost all blog hosting services, including Hostinger, provide 90+% uptime. Which is great. 

And for a new blog, uptime really isn’t important. Because uptime is more valuable for sites that have large incoming traffic. 

If uptime is bad, and the site is down, traffic won’t be able to access the site. Which will hurt their monetization and SEO. 

But, for a new blog, that’ll have no major traffic coming in for over 6 months, won’t be hurt with uptime. 

According to Uptime, Hostinger [From Jan 2022 – Dec 2022], had 100% uptime.

7. Performance/ Avg response time

In terms of performance, and average response time, Hostinger provides on average, 180 ms [Acquired from Uptime; Based on data from Jan 2022 – Dec 2022]. 

Based on a study done by HRank, anything between 200 – 350ms is considered fast, and 400 – 700ms of response time is average across the industry. 

So, Hostinger provides one of the fastest, if not the fastest response times in the industry. Which is great for blog post SEO.

8. Customer support

Hostinger provides full time live chat support. But no phone call support. 

So, if you’re someone who loves calling customer support for all your issues, they might not be the choice for you. 

But, if you have the ability to search on Google to find solutions to your problem, or simply ask on their live chat, this is not an issue at all.

Why is WordPress best for blogging?

WordPress is an open source platform, built by users for the users. 

Here are the reasons, why you should consider getting a blog hosting service with WordPress installation options. 

WordPress provides the following

  • Customization options: WordPress provides unlimited customization options. Your blog can look exactly the way you want it.
  • An easy learning curve: WordPress takes less than a few days to go through and learn.
  • Monetization options: Unlike many blogs hosting services or platforms out there, WordPress enables you to monetize your site however you want.
  • Coding: If you don’t want to use their unlimited customization, you can even code your entire site from scratch.
  • Unlimited scalability: WordPress is free, and it’s an addon to blog hosting. So, in terms of scalability, a site hosted on WordPress can be scaled indefinitely, by upgrading the blog hosting.
  • Ability to transfer hosting providers: You can switch to different blog hosting services, as long as your site is built on WordPress. So, WordPress doesn’t force you to stick to a single hosting.

And yes, Hostinger provides a 1 Click WordPress installation. 

Different types of blog hosting services

There are different companies that provide blog hosting services, but there are also different types of services. 

3 specifically.

  • Shared
  • VPS
  • Dedicated

Shared blog hosting service

Shared blog hosting is the cheapest among the 3. Why? Because you share your hosting space with several other users. 

For example, imagine a house. You can either have the house to yourself, or share it with others, & split the costs. 

That’s the same as shared hosting. Does that affect your blog? Not in the slightest. 

Because, when starting a new blog, you barely will have any traffic coming in. 

When you do start getting in a bunch of traffic [Over 100,000 on average], you can move to VPS or dedicated blog hosting.

VPS blog hosting service

VPS blog hosting is similar to shared hosting. But, it’s more organized in terms of resources. 

Taking the house example, instead of just sharing everything in the house with others, you have your own private space. 

And, that does cost you more, because your VPS blog hosting is shared hosting, but you share resources with fewer clients.

Dedicated blog hosting service

Dedicated hosting accounts for 25.5% of the global blog hosting services market. And it’s the most expensive of the 3. 

With good reason. In a dedicated blog hosting service, the entire server will belong to you. 

And that means all the resources will belong exclusively, to you. 

This is the option for blogs that exceed monthly traffic of 500,000.

Why shared blog hosting is best for new blogs

Shared hosting is best for new blogs because it’s the cheapest whilst providing more than enough resources required to run a blog. 

Until you start getting a monthly traffic of over 100,000 visitors, shared hosting should be your dominant blog hosting service.